A Day Chasing Wildflowers

I planned my route last night, starting from Boerne and heading through the hill country towns to Mason and several of the small towns northeast of Fredericksburg.  I had several fields and roads on my map that I had marked from last year where the bluebonnets were bountiful.

We had rain last night, which resulted in heavy fog for much of my drive north.  Not much in the way of flowers, but some of the small rivers yielded some pretty cool shots.  One place I stopped, I walk a few yards from the car with just my camera with a 20mm lens.  Just as I reached the bridge overpass a gorgeous blue heron took flight from under the bridge and down the creek.  Darn but my camera with the long lens was still in the car.  By the time I could make it to the bridge he was long gone.  Just like the fisherman stories it was “the one that got away!”

Here are a couple of the shots heading north through the fog.

None of my favorite spots had any bluebonnets this year.  Art Hedwigs Hill Road outside Mason had nothing, the roads down to James River had just small clusters on the roadside and James River which was covered last year was empty.  I then drove back to Willow City Loop which had less than 20% of their normal splendor and those were sparse and small.  I did stop at a couple of river crossings for images and snapped a few shots of a llama along the way.

Finally on my last leg home, along Hwy 281 at the intersection of 311 (Knibbe Rd) there was a nice cluster of bluebonnets.  So I jumped out and grabbed a few shots even though I generally like to have something in my picture other than just a field of flowers!  But I couldn’t spend 8 hours driving today and come home without at least one image of a bluebonnet!!