Aerial View of Oahu

I had not been to Kauai in several years, so I decided that I should take the quick day trip over to the other island and visit some of the sites.  I definitely wanted to see Waimea Canyon State Park again, as I remembered how beautiful it was the first time I saw it.

So it was up very early to catch a shuttle from downtown to the inter-island terminal at the airport.  Here are a few shots from the plane as we left Oahu and headed toward Kauai.   Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the plane for any shots of Kauai as we approached.  These are of central and the leeward (west side) of Oahu.

This is a view of the Honolulu airport, with Pearl Harbor basin in the background.  You can clearly see the west loch, middle loch and Pearl City as well as Ford Island. 

 This view is a little further west.  The area center and to the left is Ewa.  Up behind Pearl Harbor is Waipahu left and Pearl City to the right.

Closer view of the west loch, Waipahu behind and the area that once was the Barber’s Point Navy Air Station at the bottom

More of the old Naval Air Station and on to the Campbell Industrial Park area.  This is the far south-west corner of the island of Oahu

This is a good view up the leeward side of the island.  The bottom is the Industrial Park and just north of it is the new resort area where you will find the new Disney Aulani Resort and Spa.  What a fantastic place.  I have several images that will be in a later post.  If you’re a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) member, you won’t want to miss that posting!   We were so impressed  (we have been DVC members since the second year they opened Old Key West in Florida) that we are currently in the process of purchasing some additional points for this as our home resort.   This is also the Ko Olina resort and golf course area.

Going up the coast you see Nanakuli and over the hills is Waianae and Makaha.  The very very distant tip is called Kaena Point.   This is the area of the island where there are no roads, thus you can not drive completely around the island.  From Honolulu you can go to the west all the way to this point… but to visit the North Shore and Sunset beach, you have to go all the way back and either over the mountains or around Diamond Head and Koko Crater to get there.


  1. We were slowed down a little due to the wait for Sigrid to get her US Citizenship….a multiple step process and you don’t want to miss any of the government set dates for the steps. We didn’t, Sigrid passed her tests with flying colors and took the oath and became a Citizen on January 19th. We had her US Passport in hand by early February. We then immediately booked a 21 day cruise to the Caribbean in late December…..Sigrid has never been there before. We are also looking hard at a 28 day Asian cruise in March 2013. We have German friends visiting us for three weeks in August and September. We will take them all over the KC area, St Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, and the Branson. Three weeks of non-stop fun. In 2013, it will be time for us to visit Germany again. We will stay with our friends for a couple of weeks and travel a little. We will then visit Sigrid’s family for a week or so. Yes, we are still pretty active. I guess you may have already known some of this if you check the blog from time to time. Have fun…..John

    John Browning
  2. We spent a week in a condo in Ko Olina in 2010. What a beautiful place! When we return to visit Oahu, that is where we will stay. We also spent a week on Maui and another on the Big Island. We return to Hawaii ever few years. Sigrid and I were married on Kauai. We are getting the itch again to return. Glad you enjoyed your visit so much…..John Browning

    John Browning
    1. Hey John! Hope you and Sigrid are doing well and getting lots of traveling in! We are heading to Prague and Germany again the end of June. A river cruise across the Main joining the Rhine and then spending 4 days in Berlin.