Afternoon in Venice

November 10 – Our afternoon around Venice on our own

After we got checked into the ship and got settled in the room, we asked direction back to town.  We left the terminal and walk along Ponte Lugo, passed the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione and then turned at Chiesa dei Gesuati.

We crossed the Ponte dell’ Accademia bridge and walked passed the Chiesa di San Vidal on the left, the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti on the right and entered into Campo Santo Stefano (statue in center).  This is the same plaza we ended at in the morning when we came in from the east.

The Ponte dell Accademia was built in 1934 to replace the 1854 iron bridge.  It was suppose to be temporary, but has never been replace with another iron structure.  You can see the Santa Maria della Salute down at the end of the Grand Canal from the bridge.  Just below the bridge on the left is the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti.

We then headed over to St. Mark’s square; several of these images are of buildings and canals we passed on the way.

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