Baboon Babysitter

It was a beautiful day in Columbia today, so I decided to head to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens to try out my new macro lens.  It was a little too early for many plants to be up yet, but I did take a few images at the botanical gardens (future posts)

Today’s post is dedicated to the baboons!  As I stood by the fence and watched them, I couldn’t help but think about the older baboon in the role of a babysitter… watching this little one run all over the place, get into everything it could and of course, make several attempts to engage the older one without success.  The captions on the pictures tell the story as I watched it unfold.

"I can't believe I have to watch this little rascal"
"Lets see... what can I get into now!"
"I am really bored with you!"
"Awww come on! Won't you play with me!"
"Go ahead kid! Make My Day!"


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