Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter

I started my first Star Wars series and have finished just the top scene of the Boba Fett poster.  Overall I hope to complete about 4 or 5 posters with the various images that I captured of the characters.  The first one will be the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett featured in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as a minion employed by both Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt.

I have three good images that I plan to use on the poster.  Here is  the top portion of my design where I placed him on a fictitious planet that I designed from 2 of my images from Death Valley and a couple of my own sky images.  So this landscape is actually composed of 4 completely different scenes with different color balance and time of day… but I blended them all together with color layers.

Boba was cut out from his original background with the pen tool so I got a precise cut out.

The planets in the image were built from scratch using my own textures.

I will now continue with the center scene on the poster where I have him posed shooting his arm gun and the final image of him on the poster will be a close up portrait shot.  Should take another few days of steady work to finish the composition.

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