Danube – First Lock from Budapest

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 – In the Lock

This is our first lock outside of Budapest.  We will travel through several more locks on the way to Passau, but most of them we will cross through at night.

If you have never been on a ship as it goes through a lock, it is a very interesting experience.  In a general sense, the ship goes into a box, they fill the box with water and lift the ship to the level of the higher stage of the river in front of you.  Once your water level in the box and the water level of the river in front of you are the same, you sail forward.  (and of course, it’s reverse if you are going downstream to lower levels of the river)

It’s really amazing how close they get to the wall and how tight of a fit this process is.  It takes a steady navigation hand to tuck this big ship up to a wall with only a few inches of clearance. 

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