Darth Vader Poster

The second of my Star Wars creations – Darth Vader.  I had originally planned to put several of the villains together, but thought I would have a poster for each.  I did have a couple other images of Darth Vader that I cut out, but I really couldn’t figure out where to put them in the design where they looked good.  After several attempts, I just deleted those layers and went with just 2 images of him.

The rocks are from Bulgaria from my trip a couple of years ago…  I tried to make a dusty planet type environment…  The star-field, galaxy, and planet were all done with just brushes.  Even the space ship was a brush stamp that I built up and painted in the afterburners.

The frame is a layer style, the same one that is on the text, one that I designed.

On to the next one!

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