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Hero’s Square

Hero’s Square

One of the most famous tourist areas in Budapest is Hero Square, located at the end of Andrassy Avenue and next to City Park.  It was constructing in 1896 to mark the thousandth anniversary of Hungary.   The seven chieftains who led the Magyar tribes to Hungary stand...

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I took a trip to Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary in 2015 that ended in the city of Budapest.  I still have not processed those images.  It’s about time I start!  Here is an 18 image panoramic view of Budapest from the Pest side of the Danube looking over...

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VIDEO: Winter Waves on Pupukea Beach

I just starting testing out some video options both on my Nikon D750 and a new Go Pro Hero 4.  Video is so different from photography, but sometimes the subject just lends itself better to the action capture of a short video. Here is a capture on Pupukea Beach in...

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Field 501

Here are a few more views of this field on highway 501 just north of Texas 71 near Pontotoc…over 100 miles from where I live.  I sure have been putting in some “windshield time” hunting the flowers this...

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Watercolors in Photoshop

A couple of years ago I took the Creative Live class with Jack Davis on how to paint with Photoshop.  I’ve watched the videos a couple of times and each time I’ve made a commitment to sit down and practice the various techniques until I’ve learned...

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Getting Into Digital Painting and Composites

I have my photography and hubby has his corvette.  I serve as the photographer for our Texas Corvette Association club and I build and maintain their website.  Sometimes I actually put my skills to work at home as well. Hubby wanted a car display board for his...

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Using Lightroom to Instagram Plugin

I’m working to refresh my website and get some more interesting content on it, as well as get more of my own social media feeds hooked up to my site.  I have not been using my Instagram account because I don’t really capture images on my phone; I pretty...

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Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

Most of us are use to doing Panorama shots and stitching them together with either Lightroom or Photoshop.  But sometimes, depending upon where you were able to stand, or the subject of your composition, you might have some distortion on your corners....

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