Double Exposure – Photoshop Technique

Trip Down the Natchez_

Had to try this technique last night.  I found it under a couple of different topics.  Some called it a picture-in-a-picture and others called it double exposure.  The variety of samples were endless but the technique was similar.

First you have one image that you do a selection on.  For me I use one of the car selections from the poster I built.  For my second image, I used one of the images I captured from the window of the car as we drove along the Natchez Trace Parkway.  We were the last car in a the string of 8 corvettes on our road trip a couple of weeks ago.  You can just see the other cars in the bottom left tire of this image.

I then “clipped” the Natchez image inside the car and did a “blend if” adjustment, sliding the background sliders until I got just enough of the car showing and just enough of the background poking through.

Then I added another layer of the Natchez, selected the car and inverted the selection so I could only access the area outside of the car.  I masked the layer with black to hide the entire layer and then used a watercolor brush with white paint to “brush in” and reveal just parts of the underlying layer of the trees and road from the Natchez picture.  I reduced the opacity of this layer to give it that watercolor feel.

Hope you like it.

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