Downtown Novi Sad

Friday – May 6, 2011 – Downtown Novi Sad and the Orthodox Cathedral

After catching up on our sleep from 24 hours or more of travel, we had a great breakfast and then headed downtown to see Novi Sad.  Ana lives in Veternik, a small town or subdivision of Novi Sad about 30 minutes from the city center. 

We walked along one of the main shopping streets, Danube Street, and reach the Bishop’s Palace.  This is the residence and administrative offices for the Orthodox Bishop.  The Orthodox Cathedral is around the corner.

This is The Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George.  Today was a day of celebration in honor of St. George, and we were outside the church when the procession of clergy and parishioners exited the church with banners marched around the church.  Many of the businesses were on holiday today in honor of St. George, and most of the children were out of school.  Because of the celebrations, we were unable to see or photograph the inside of the Cathedral. 

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