El Toro Rojo – My 1967 Corvette

I’ve been neglecting my website and my blog for the last several months because I had taken on the new job as Webmaster for our local corvette club.  I was already their de facto photographer and when the current Webmaster wanted to step down, I decided to take the task on as well.   I’ve had three previous WordPress sites, so was pretty certain I could put together a site that they would be happy with; unfortunately, it took much of the free time I might have otherwise spent on my own blog.

But, that work is well behind me now and several other projects have filled in the gaps.  Last week I decided to refresh my website and begin adding some new content and get back to writing a few blogs of my own.  I also agreed to host a small area for my local camera club on the site that will be under the “CSAP” tab.  This area will eventually be populated by the Night Photography group and contain resources for photographers interested in both night or astrophotography as well as other forms of low light photography.

One of the other projects that has occupied my time is of course my new corvette… or should I say my 50 year old corvette!  Yes it’s a 1967 Stingray.  We purchased it for our local car shows and just bumming around town a bit.  But like the 2014 Limerock Green corvette we own that we branded “The Green Hornet“,  I had to design and paint a logo and get a car show poster built.  Here is the design I’ve prepared.  It’s done completely digitally in Photoshop;  the ink drawing and the painting.  I use a painting technique I learned on the internet from a website “Jazza Studios“.  There are several videos on YouTube with his techniques and I would highly recommend purchasing his digital paint brushes if you are going to learn digital painting.

And of course, the post wouldn’t be complete without a couple of images of the car as well!

For many of my Facebook friends this is old news, as I’ve previously posted both the bull and the car.  But I needed to get something together for a post to get back in the swing of blogging and test all the hooks to ensure all the publishing links works right!  So sorry for the duplicates!  New content will be coming in the future I promise!

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