Entering Waimea Canyon Kauai

Waimea Canyon has been referred to as the “grand canyon of the Pacific”.  It is a wonderful and “must see” sight on the island of Kauai Hawaii.  I took the short day trip from Honolulu over to Kauai, rented a car and head to the west side of the island.

Waimea Canyon is approximately ten miles (16 km) long and up to 3,000 feet (900 m) deep, located on the western side Kauai.  Waimea is Hawaiian for “reddish water”, related to the red soil in the canyon that erodes into the nearby river.  (Waimea River)

The canyon has a unique geologic history—it was formed not only by the steady process of  erosion but also by a catastrophic collapse of the volcano that created Kauaʻi.  Like the other Hawaiian islands, Kauaʻi is the top of an enormous volcano rising from the ocean floor.   The canyon is one of many Hawaiian State Parks.

These images are on the drive up to the canyon, just as you come out of the residential neighborhood of Waimea on highway 550 – Waimea Canyon Drive.

As you climb up the canyon drive, you can see the town of Waimea and further up highway 50 the town of Kekaha on the left side of the road, the entrance to the canyon will be on the right.