Exotic Resort Zoo

As I was driving home from my wildflower scouting trip the other day, I past the Exotic Resort Zoo on Hwy 281 just north of Johnson City.  I’ve passed this establishment a couple of times and thought it would be a great place for a photographic group outing.

As I glanced over I saw several of the animals very close to the highway.  So I turned around and jumped out with my camera.  Of course they were spooked and ran away but not too far.  I had the 200mm lens on the camera.  The buck took his stand in front of all the ladies and the females were quick to tuck themselves in behind him.

As I returned to the car I noticed in the next field that two gazelles were in a head to head battle.  I quickly grabbed a few shoots.

It wasn’t long before a larger buck came over to the two wrestlers and broke up the brawl.  The aggressor soon found himself smashed to the ground by the larger buck while several others gathered around to enjoy the rousting.  I guess the standard punishment for starting the raucous in the first place.

It was all over in about 3 minutes and I got back in my car and headed home!

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