Follow the Blooms

In South Carolina, the garden club sponsors an annual event throughout the state where residence open their gardens to the public.  This event is known as “Follow the Blooms.”   This past weekend was the first in a series of 4 days over the next month.

I left Columbia a bit late Saturday with little expectations that I would make it to all the gardens before 2:00pm (the ending time of the event).  And, I was right.  Of the 9 stops on the schedule for the day, I only made it to the first three.  But…. that’s ok because next year, I will know to start early, go to the garden furthest away and work my way back to Columbia.

Also this year, because it has been so warm so early, many of the plants that don’t normally flower until end of March or the first week of April were already through their cycle for the year.  Hard to say what the final day of the tour will have to offer.

Here are a few images from my first stop.