Gardens and Easter – Some Things Go Together

My last posted mentioned that I was on the “Follow the Blooms” tour.  This post includes a few images of my second stop.

I’m still working on processing the images from the third stop, but probably won’t get them finished for the next couple of weeks.

Why you ask…

Well.. tomorrow morning at 4:00am we get in the shuttle and head to Charlotte for our plane to Hawaii!!.  We haven’t been to the islands in more than 5 years so it was time to go back for a visit.  We are looking forward to visiting friends and spending some relaxing time on the beach.  I have a day trip planned to Kauai  (hubby is staying on Oahu to golf)…  then in the second week, we are going to Maui.  I hope to get some great shots of Haleakala crater.

So I’ll be off line a few weeks…  then begin posting my images from Hawaii.  Stay tuned!!