Getting Into Digital Painting and Composites

I have my photography and hubby has his corvette.  I serve as the photographer for our Texas Corvette Association club and I build and maintain their website.  Sometimes I actually put my skills to work at home as well.

Hubby wanted a car display board for his corvette that he could use at the car shows.  We wanted a theme for the car and decided to name the car the “Green Hornet”…   so I went about the task of designing our logo.  I looked at several graphics of hornets and wasps and also several real macro images of both.  I then did a line drawing of a hornet in Photoshop.

But I had never done any digital painting in Photoshop, so I then had to spend some time learning to do digital painting.  After many hours of reading and YouTube videos, I finally came across “Draw and Paint with Jazza” and I was hooked!  I watched just about all his videos, purchased some of his teaching materials as well as his Photoshop paint brushes and started to draw and paint my green hornet.

A month later… here he is!

MyGreen Hornet w_bg

But that was only half the story.. I still needed the car display board.  So back to my research.  I looked at dozens of car display boards on the internet to get some idea of what the contents of a board should be.  Of course Photoshop compositing is not a problem for me, I’ve been doing that for some time.  So I built the background and added the hives with a blend mode.  I built my lettering and added a hive texture inside the words and also added a few little bees to letters just for effect.  All the lettering was crafted by selections or regular text with various styles applied.

The cars were the most difficult as our limerock green car is never the same color when you take a picture of it.  The color can appear anything from almost dark gray to bright green depending on how the sunlight hits the paint.  And it has a metallic fleck in the paint which is even worst when trying to get a consistent color theme.  But I made the selections, then got a swatch of the real limerock green from the internet and put it on a layer of my work.  I used the color balance adjustment layer clipped to the car and adjusted the midtones and shadow greens until I had a good match to the true limerock green.  I then had to mask out the areas of the car that were not green so the color adjustment did not tint areas that were not supposed to be green.  I repeated this process for each of the three cars.   The cars had to have areas cloned or healed and I painted out the windows and other areas that needed to be blended.  Each car took a few hours to complete.  The final touch was a shadow under each car and behind the green hornet.

Here is the final board that I will get a test print done first.  If I like it, we will get a final car display board printed for our next car show.

Green Hornet display board-2

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