Having Fun with Panorama


This is the post office building in Bucharest.  And it is definitely NOT circular.  It does however take up an entire block and is a massive old building.

I stood on the opposite side of the street and took six images portrait with the camera.  The original image thumbnails are below.   I then merged to Panorama in Lightroom.   There is not enough information to do a perspective build, but it does a really nice job on a cylindrical or spherical pano.  I was amazed at how well it blended the images given that they were a mix of sunlight and shadows.  I did set the boundary warp up to about 60 to straighten out the edges and cropped the final image.   I then post processed this like I would any other raw image.

While this is not an image you would use for anything, it is fun to just see how well the computer can render a image given the various angles of several different input shots.  I was impressed with how well it did.

The one interesting feature…  look carefully at the people.  The same two guys are in 4 different positions in the image!  Crazy!

Input files:

Bucharest_0314 Bucharest_0315 Bucharest_0316 Bucharest_0317 Bucharest_0318 Bucharest_0319

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