I Found Mater!

When I was out in Arkansas back in September, I got off at the Knoxville Arkansas exit of I-40.  And there I found Mater!

For those of you not Disney fans… or those without children…  here is a quick bio on Mater.

Sir ‘Tow Mater’ or better known as Mater is a protagonist in the 2006 animated Pixar film Cars and the main protagonist in its sequel. He is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, and was inspired by a 1951 International Harvester tow truck but bears more of a resemblance to a 1957 2 ton International Harvester Truck. Originally portrayed as a sidekick and friend to the film’s main protagonist, Lightning McQueen, the popularity of the character eventually made him the central character in Cars spin-off media like the Cars Toons series, the Mater and the Ghostlight short and the Cars Mater-National video game, and one of the two central characters in the film Cars 2.

Mater’s color was originally baby blue, as shown in a flashback; however, over the years, he has rusted into a patchwork light brown/orange color, with some of the blue still showing through. He is missing his hood and his left headlight.

The real Mater

Will the real Mater please stand up!