Iquitos and Returning Home

Sunday –  April 3, 2011 – Final Drive Through Iquitos

This is the last day in the Amazon and my last post for the 14 day trip to Peru. 

We left the Ceiba Tops for our boat ride back to the Explorama offices in Iquitos and took a short bus ride back to the airport.  We flew from Iquitos to Lima, caught the flight to Miami.  Peggy and I went our separate ways in Miami; she headed for Texas and I was on my way back to South Carolina. 

What a fantastic vacation!!

And for all my photoblog followers… stay tuned.  The 14 day gap where I wasn’t posting was due to travels to Serbia and 8 days along the Danube River.  I’m just beginning to sort and edit images and will begin posting this vacation very soon!

Feel free to sign up by registering your email on this site…. and tell your friends to do the same.  Some great images to follow!

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