Island of Giudecca – Venice

November 9, 2011 – In Venice

This page will begin the postings of the Regent Seven Seas cruise we just completed.  Yesterdays post lists the itinerary of the places we visited.  Over the next several week, you can me on a virtual excursion through images.

We arrived at Venice airport on November 9th, gathered the luggage and headed for the watertaxi.  Here is Venice, EVERYTHING, is moved via the waterways.  We would board a small boat and enjoy a “wild ride” from the airport to the Bauer Palladio hotel on the Island of Guidecca

That evening we walked along the waterway until sunset, then returned to the hotel for a quick bite to eat before retiring to our room.  We had been traveling for 30 hours, and both were beat!

The next morning we again strolled along Fondamenta delle Zitelle, the main walkway next to the water and walked the grounds of the hotel.  Below are images around this small island.   Tomorrow, a few images of the hotel and the hotel grounds.

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