Morning in Venice

November 10, 2001 – In Venice

We walked around the hotel grounds and walked along the Giudecca island to find a bank this morning.  Then we strolled back to the dock in front of the Palladio and caught a small boat over the other Bauer Palazzo hotel.   There we walk to the front of the hotel where we were in Campo de Moise and in front of the Chiesa San Moise

We continued walking west, not realizing that St. Marks square was actually only a few blocks east.  But that was ok as we have a guided tour tomorrow that will end at the famous square and basilica.

Out next stop was at Santa Maria del Giglio.  Then on to the next open plaza called Campo San Maurizio and finally ended at Campo Santo Stefano.

We wound our way back to the east and end at the entrance to San Marco.  Unfortunately, we had to leave to catch the boat, so we will have to return this afternoon.

Here are a few images of “Around Venice.”   Tomorrow will also have some posting of images along the Venice streets.  Then I will have a post on St. Mark’s Basilica, one St. Marks square and the Campanile followed by images of Doce Palace.

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