Moving from Flickr to Smugmug

So I have be away from blogging for some time now…  it is amazing how busy one gets in retirement.  Funny how I ever had time to work!.

So I decided that I have owned a Smugmug account for over three years and it was fine time I began to use it.  So for the past several weeks I have been re-evaluating my images in Lightroom and exporting galleries for Smugmug and building out the framework for how I would like my Smugmug to look.

Because my main focus is travel photography, I decided to make the primary organization travel by country or region and then establish folders and galleries below the country or region.  I also have an “area of interest” for the corvettes and design work.  This is where I upload the images.

Then I have virtual galleries that “collect” copies of the best images by topic into categories such as night photography, panoramas, landscapes, nature, etc.  These collections are generated based on a keyword that I assign to the image within the actual travel gallery where the picture resides.

Finally, I have a home page virtual slideshow that brings just a few of the images from the topics up to the front page and these images scroll in a slideshow when you first arrive at the website.

I still have loads of work to do behind the scenes to add keywords and titles so the search engines and the Smugmug searches can find my images, but at least the majority of the images are now up.  I am now going backwards into to early 2014 and 2013 to gather images from trips to the Baltic and Europe and add them to their place in the Travel galleries.  Once complete, I will take down the Flickr site and use the Smugmug exclusively for sharing my images with my readers.

Check it out!  Comments welcome!

Terri’s Smugmug

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II_DSC4909