My First Digital Watercolor

I have always LOVED watercolors.  I did a bit of watercolor painting when I was younger, but never really had the time to dedicate to my art interests.  Now that we have the technology of digital painting, I can experiment with my watercolor techniques again, using photos and Photoshop.

I did a search on the web for “photos to watercolor using Photoshop” tutorials, and found several videos and articles on watercolor techniques.  After reviewing about a dozen, I found one that I really liked…  So I wrote down the steps and then proceeded to try it.  This rendering is actually the result of two different tutorials, where I combined the best features of both.

This image was taken when we were on the French Riviera last year in the town of Eze.  Hope you like it!  Feel free to comment and offer any suggestions for improving the work.  Thanks for viewing!







  1. Nice work – it’s surprising what you can do with a few well-placed filters. My only suggestion is that the lettering on the sign still looks a bit too sharp – it gives away that it isn’t a real watercolor.

    Thanks for sharing