My New Car Poster

With the addition of the new Corvette to the family, I had to name the car and build a new car display board for car shows.  Hubby will probably want to take this one to a few of the local car shows as well.  He has already started ordering some of the bling for the engine and some of the after market things you might want to have on a car show car… like color coordinated fuel covers.  Dah!!

But I’ve picked a name — White Lightning — and built the poster.  I’ve also ordered the custom tag.  I had already ordered the tag before I named the car, so the car name is not on the plate.  But as I’m the webmaster for our car club’s website, Texas Corvette Association, I decided to order the custom plate of WEBMSTR in red with white letters to match the car.  The plate isn’t in yet, but a just snapped an image of it from the ordering site and transformed it into place on the poster.  The plate should arrive before I get the poster printed.

Here is the new car show display.