Night Photography At the Pearl

It was a nice evening tonight so I decided to head downtown and get a few images of the train at Sunset Station and walk the Riverwalk.  On my way home, I stopped at the Pearl Brewery.  I should have skipped the Riverwalk, as the Christmas decorations are pretty much the same as every other year.  But the Pearl area is gorgeous.  I could have spent another two or three hours there but it was late so I headed home.  I will definitely go back before the holidays are over.  

Here is one capture down by the water.  I had my headlamp with me so I added a little light painting to the water and rocks that were next to the green light and completely in shadow.  Turn out pretty cool I think!  Love to do light painting, especially around water.   As it’s after midnight, I’ll work on some of my other captures tomorrow!