Pastel Painting

I’m continuing my practice with the Wacom tablet and various photo painting techniques.  I have discovered that selecting the right picture is very important in achieving a good result.  The other important thing to learn is how to select the right brush.  There are so many Photoshop brushes to select from, and with the new mixer brushes, it’s even more complicated.

On this image, I tried a process that was outlined in Digital Painting in Photoshop by Susan Ruddick Bloom.  The technique was very easy to follow and this floral was my first attempt.  In addition to adding the textured paper, the last step that Susan outlines, I also made a composite layer on the top and did a curves adjustment for contrast and then a levels adjustment to lighten things up.  I also saturated the photo a bit to give a more of a pop.

Here are the results…  pastel painting in Photoshop


And the original photo