Petrovaradin Fortress

Friday, May 06, 2011 – Petrovaradin Fortress

In the afternoon, we met Ivan, had some lunch and headed over to the Petrovardin Fortress.  This structure has great historical significance for Novi Sad and the entire Vojvodina area.  Archeological evidence indicates that this site had been settled as far back as the Paleolithic (19,000 to 15,000 BC) period.   The first larger fortifications were created with the arrival of the Romans who built the fortress which was a part of the fortified borders along the Danube.  Today, the fortress also houses the Museum of Novi Sad which has a permanent collection of history of the fortress.

This is also the site of their famous Clock Tower where the minute and hour hand on the clock tower are reversed, with small hand showing minutes, and big hand showing hours. That was created like that in order that fisherman’s from Danube river can see what time is it from long distance. “Reversed clock” is one of the landmarks of Petrovaradin fortress.

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