Plaza de Armas and Cathedral

Wednesday – March 23, 2011  Plaza de Armas and Lima Cathedral

After the visit to the museum, we boarded the bus and took a quick tour around Lima to the Plaza de Armas.

The Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Lima, is the birthplace of the city of Lima, as well as the core of the city. Located in the Historic Centre of Lima, it is surrounded by the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. 

We went into the Cathedral just before it closed for the day so many of my images are from the outside of the church. 

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the Plaza Mayor of downtown Lima, Peru. Construction began in 1535, and the building has undergone many reconstructions and transformation since, however it still retains its colonial structure and facade. It is dedicated to St John, Apostle and Evangelist.



Around the Plaza

Archbishops Palace

The Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the capital of Peru, is the residence of the Archbishop of Lima, and the administrative headquarters of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lima. It is located on the Plaza Mayor of Lima, in the Historic Centre of Lima.  The palace is also headquarters to the offices of the cardinal of Peru who is Juan Luis Cipriani, who is also the archbishop of Lima. 

Basilica and Convent of San Francisco

Convento de San Francisco is the Spanish name for Saint Francis Monastery located in Lima, Peru. The church was completed in 1774 and is noted for its architecture, a high example of Spanish Neoclassicism. The convent’s library is world-renowned. Catacombs below the monastery contain an ossuary and are said to connect to other catacombs beneath the cathedral and other area churches.

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