Return to Camp and the Medicine Man

Friday – April 1, 2011 – From the Canopy Back to Camp and the Medicine Man

Our return to the Explorama camp was via a small boat down a tributary of the Amazon.  Because we were at the end of the rainy season, these small waterways had sufficient water to carry us back to the main channel thus eliminating another one mile hike to base camp.

Very little light penetrates this part of the rainforest.  We were motoring through the jungle; ducking from tree branches and watch for tree snakes! 

After lunch we visited the local medicine man.  He provided a demonstration of his medicinal plants and roots and also a cleaning ceremony which Peggy and I participated in.  This ceremony of chants and smoke would prepare the “patient” for the medicine man’s diagnostic session.  Fortunately, we didn’t stay for the final diagnosis or prescription!

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