Sunday – March 27, 2011 – Sacsayhuaman

After visiting the Cusco Cathedral, we boarded the bus and headed above the city to the Sacsayhuaman.  This was an impressive site and definately worth a visit if you get to Cusco.    Many believe this complex was primarily the focus of ritual activities based on it’s configuration and size. 

Sacsayhuamán (also known as Saksaq Waman, Sacsahuaman or Saxahuaman) is a walled complex on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco, Peru, the former capital of the Inca empire. The complex is as many other Inca constructions made of large polished dry-stone walls, each boulder carefully cut to fit together tightly without mortar.
Because of its location high above Cuzco and its immense terrace walls, this area of Sacsayhuaman is frequently referred to as a fortress. Some writers also believe the complex was built specifically to represent the head of a puma, the effigy shape which Sacsayhuamán together with Cuzco forms when seen from above. The importance of its military functions was highlighted in 1556 when Manco Inca lay siege to Cuzco.

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