Santo Domingo

Sunday – March 27, 2011 – Santo Domingo

This afternoon, we visited the Convent of Santo Domingo that was built on the foundation of Qoricancha (also spelled Coricancha), the Inca Temple of the Sun.  This is our last day in Cusco.  Tomorrow we head to Puno.

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Wikipedia:  The Coricancha (from the Quechua words Quri Kancha meaning ‘Golden Courtyard’), originally named Inti Kancha (‘ Temple of the Sun’) was the most important temple in the Inca Empire, dedicated primarily to Inti, the Sun God. It was one of the most revered temples of the capital city of Cusco.
The walls and floors were once covered in sheets of solid gold, and the courtyard was filled with golden statues. Spanish reports tell of its opulence that was “fabulous beyond belief”. When the Spanish required the Inca to raise a ransom in gold for the life of the leader Atahualpa, most of the gold was collected from Coricancha