Scrapbook – Hogsmeade Shopping

November 26, 2011

The final page 12 of 12 – Harry Potter Wizarding World

The images are inside the Owl Post where you can shop for several different types of souvenirs, toys, apparel and collectibles, including 25 different wands.  I have Dumbledore’s wand myself as well as a collector tankard with Dumbledore.

You can purchase the Common Welsh Green Dragon, the Swedish Short Snout Dragon, or the Hungarian Horntail.  You can find Madeye Moody’s staff, a Firebolt or a Nimbus 2001 broomstick, house pins, t-shirts,  journals and stationary.  And of course, no collection would be complete with a sneakerscope, remembrall, time-turner, snitch, quaffle ball and bludger bat.

This page includes a collection of “Potter objects” images I could find on the web.

Shopping in Hogsmeade