Sherwood Forest Faire

The Sherwood Forest Faire opened yesterday at their beautiful setting in McDade, Texas just 35 miles East of Austin.  While a 2 hour drive for me from San Antonio, this is one of my favorite events each year, and I will probably try to go back at least once during it’s 8 week run until April 22nd.  They are open on the weekends, their full schedule of days is here.

For a photographer, this place is a treat.  No studio, no set up, and hundreds of models and unique characters in beautifully done costumes.  It’s a feast!  I find it overwhelming sometimes trying to decide what to focus on.  Everyone is so gracious when you ask them if you can take their picture… they are only too happy to pose.  And if you don’t like posing… just grab the candid action.  It is absolutely everywhere.  Dozens of stage shows, a jousting arena, hand to hand combat events, archery events, and at the end of the day, they storm the castle in a siege.

Midday, at 1pm, most of the stage characters assemble at the castle and form a parade to march through the grounds.  There are plenty of opportunities to grab some candid portraits as they wave and smile on their trek through the forest.

And no one goes hungry or thirsty in Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest.  The entire compound is surrounded with wonderful places to eat and drink. No food coupons required. Pay as you go!

One of my favorite events is the jousting.  Look for a future post with images of this event.  For now, some of my favorites from yesterday’s events.


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