Sherwood Forest Fairy Composite

Yesterday I added a post about the Sherwood Forest Faire.  Today, I decided to take four of the images I captured of the fairies and make a composite in a forest setting.  The two background images of the forest are stock images.  The four fairies are images I captures at the Renaissance festival yesterday.  The mushrooms are stock but the door is from my collection of images taken in Prague.  The landscape inside the globe was taken in the Texas Hill Country last year up near Mason.  The butterflies are stock.



As all these images were captured with different lighting I had to use multiple different gradients in different blend modes to get the colors balance.  After everything was final I stamped up and added one final gradient to bring all the colors together.

Other special techniques used included a vanishing point filter for the brick sidewalk in front of the mushroom house; a double arc warp of the window was used to get it tucked into the curves of the mushroom; the globe has both and inner and outer glow as well as an additional glow around the outside with a brush.  I tried to add a reflection of his face on the globe but it was just too busy, so I took it out.  The landscape inside the globe was rendered into a sphere with a filter, and all the elements have a soft green rim light added.

Characters were cut out primarily using the select and mask feature.  The mushrooms were cut out using the new “select subject” feature that was recently added in the 2018 version of Photoshop.

Hope you like it!

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