Sunrise Over Monaco

On November 19, 2011

This was my last day to get up early and see the sunrise.  For the past several ports, I tried to be up on the top deck by the time we pulled into port and hopefully, just a few minutes before the glow of the morning sunrise was replaced by the harsh light of  a full sun.  Today… I was up on the ship’s fantail having breakfast as the first rays of light began on the horizon.

I stayed on deck long enough to catch a few shots of the Monaco harbor and some of the beautiful yachts (you know, the boats for the not so poor folks!)   Then crossed the deck and grap an image of the sun just as it came over the horizon. 

You would think that these images would represent the coming of a gorgeous day….  well, not so much.  We had rain in Nice, and clouds in Eze…  but later in the day, it finally cleared off and we ended with a bit of sunshine by the time we hit Monaco later this afternoon.

The pink lit building in the upper left on the top of the hill is the Monte Carlo casino.