The Cathedral of St. Lawrence – Trogir Croatia

November 12, 2011

The first stop on our excursion today is at Trogir, as small town about 40 minutes from Split.  This is a medieval walled city with lots of history.  We will spend a few hours here before heading back to Split.  One of the key architectural features of this town is the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Croatian: Katedrala Sv. Lovre) is a Roman Catholic triple-naved basilica constructed in Romanesque-Gothic in Trogir, Croatia. Since its construction lasted several centuries, it illustrates all the styles that succeeded one another in Dalmatia. It serves now as the most imposing monument in the city of Trogir.

It was built on the foundations of an earliy-Christian cathedral destroyed in the 12th century during the sack of the town by the Saracens in 1123. The present building was begun in 1213 and finished during the 17th century.  Like the older one, it is also dedicated to St. Lawrence (Sveti Lovro) but it is better known as St. John’s Cathedral (Sveti Ivan) after bishop John, who died in 1111 and stood out for his saintly lifestyle at a time when the Hungarian King Koloman had taken over Dalmatia and Croatia. Most of the work in the construction of the cathedral took place in the 13th century, being mostly completed in 1251. That means the building is mainly in Romanesque style, whilst the vault inside is gothic as it was built during the 15th century, in Mannerist style.

The bell tower is 7 meters in height.  It’s construction began as early as he end of the 14th center but it suffered heavy damage during the Venetian siege and conquering of the city.

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