The Doors Around the Mediterranean

Throughout the tour of Venice, Croatia, Malta, Sicily, Florence and other places we visited, I generally stopped to capture the images of interesting door.

“Interesting doors”…  might make you stop and think about what a door might represent.  And the color of a door — what does it say about the occupants behind the door.

So I did a little searching to find the answer to that question, and here are a few things I found.

Definition:  Door – noun – a movable, usually solid, barrier for opening and closing an entranceway, cupboard, cabinet, or the like, commonly turning on hinges or sliding in grooves; a doorway: to go through the door; the building, house, etc., to which a door belongs: My friend lives two doors down the street; any means of approach, admittance, or access: the doors to learning;  any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place or state to another: at heaven’s door.

But what about the color… 

Well.. RED DOORS seem to get the most press. 
  • In Feng  Shui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home. By painting our door red (or any bright colour that stands out) chi (positive energy) is drawn to the house.
  • In early American tradition, it meant “welcome”.  If a home had a red front door, tired travelers would know the home was a place where they would be welcomed to stop and spend the night or rest.
  • In Ireland, a red door is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.
  • In Catholicism, a red door represents that the blood of Christ has been  smeared on it and that the area beyond the door is holy and sacred.  Also, according to the Old Testament, the Jewish slaves in Egypt smeared their  doors with lambs blood as a sign that the required sacrifice had already been made, and those homes would be passed over by the Angel of Vengence.
  • As part of the Underground Railroad, and homes  with red doors were “safe houses”.
  • And for homeowners,  a red door announces that the house is paid for, free and clear.

DARK BLUE –  believed to create calm and peace for your home;  blue can  symbolize peace, calm, stability, security, loyalty.

YELLOW is a color that evokes mental clarity, perception, understanding, wisdom, confidence, curiosity,  humor and merriment. joy, happiness, optimism

GREEN is always a great choice for the front door since it’s a color that is said to represent balance, peace, compassion, growth, renewal, and harmony.  Green can represent nature, the environment, good luck, youth, vigor.

PURPLE can represent royalty, spirituality, nobility, ceremony, mysterious, wisdom, enlightenment

SO… enough about the colors and what they mean…..


(And not the rock band 0f the 60’s – –  No  Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek,  John Densmore, or Robby Krieger here.)