The Forum of Caesar

As you leave the Colosseum and climb the hill  (Via dei Fori Imperiali) towards Piazza Venezia, the Forum of Caesar is along the left side of the road.  It sits in front of the older part of the Roman Forum which is seen in the background; just behind the Senate House of Julius (Curia Julia) and the The Basilica of St. Mary of the Altar of Heaven  (Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli0).  There are several ruins of significance within this Forum including the Temple of Venus Genetrix and Basilica Argentaria (other posts)

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Caesar decided to construct a forum bearing his name in the northeast section of the Forum Romanum, of which he purchased a very expensive, select amount of parcels of land in that area. Forum construction began in 54 BC.

The Forum of Caesar also had an effect on the Curia, which Caesar began to reconstruct in 44 BC. This reconstruction moved the Forum of Caesar much closer to the Curia. The ten tabernae located on the western side of the Forum and its now close approximation to the Senate house symbolized the unity that Caesar felt between himself and the Senate.

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