The Star Wars Droids – Poster Three

The third creation in the series of my Star Wars posters.  This one is a little different as the top scene is made entirely of shapes and textures.  I loaded the shapes and applied a layer style to the shape and then formed them into the front window, the console under the window, the large center table, the light, the monitors, and the stand for BB8.

I also used the vanishing filter to build the grids for the room, so I could drag in the floor, ceiling and wall textures and they would conform to the perspective of the grid.

The globe and all the stats on the monitors are just brushes, as well as the sky out the front window.  Lights are shape with outer glow styles.

The bottom scene is an image from death valley, with a sky overlay from somewhere else.  The moons are just brushes.

Hummm…  wonder who will be next!

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