To Chincheros

Thursday – March 24, 2011 – Drive to Chincheros

Today we drove to the town of Chincheros.  This town is known for its textiles; weaving is a way of life here.   

This community is located 28km. (17 mi.) from Cusco on the paved road to Urubamba. There lie the remains of what was the royal hacienda of Tupac Inca Yupanqui, as well as a beautiful colonial temple built on Inca foundations. Chincheros has a rich monumental and cultural heritage. It is one of the few places in Cusco that visibly maintains the Incan urban design. Its main attraction, however, is its Sunday market, which was originally dedicated to the barter of products by the people of the valley and the upper areas. Nowadays, the market is a real hub of activity, vibrant with color and movement which fascinates tourists with its range of handicrafts and textiles made in true pre-Columbian style.

Here are a few images of the trip


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Once we arrived, we entered the Minka Chinchero Textiles where we witnessed the cleaning, dying, spinning and weaving of wool garments and blankets.  (see next post)