Top of Diamond Head

Diamond Head… the icon of Oahu Hawaii.  Many tourist view this mountain crater but not everyone takes the plunge to walk to the top.  It’s a great hike and the views from the top are definitely worth the effort…  But be ready to climb some stairs!!  An after you have walked the path up the side of the mountain.

Wikipedia:  Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi, most likely from lae ‘browridge, promontory’ plus ʻahi ‘tuna’ because the shape of the ridgeline resembles the shape of a tuna‘s dorsal fin.[1] Its English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals embedded in the rock for diamonds.

The volcanic tuff cone is a United States State Monument. While part of it serves as a platform for antennas used by the U.S. government and is closed to the public, the crater’s proximity to Honolulu’s resort hotels and beaches makes the rest of it a popular destination.

A 0.75-mile (1.1-km) hike leads to the edge of the crater’s rim.  Signs at the trailhead say that the hike takes 1.5–2 hours round-trip, and recommends that hikers bring water. Although not difficult, the signs also say that the hike is not a casual one: the mostly unpaved trail winds over uneven rock, ascends 74 steps, then through a tunnel and up another steep 99 steps.  Next is a small lighted tunnel to a narrow spiral staircase (43 steps) inside a coastal artillery observation platform built in 1908.  From the summit above the observation platform both Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean can be seen in detail.

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The trail to the top

Toward Black Point from Diamond Head

The bunkers on the top

Looking back towards the mountain range from the top

The beach just below