Trying Some HDR

Last summer I headed to Dreher Island State Park, just outside of Columbia SC to get some images in the woods and long the lakeside.  My goals was to try out the bracketing feature on the Nikon D90 and build a HDR image.

I had a tripod (although not my current carbon fiber one) and set up a few shots.  I really like the HDR technique but I need a lot more practice!!  Here are a couple of my first attempts …  processed with Photomatix tonemapping feature. 

I don’t think I took enough images with a wide enough range of EV… so..  I’ll have to try again. 


    1. I agree… the second one looks like a regular old photo… one that probably could have been created with a little levels adjustment! I’m reading up on the HDR… going to go out again when it warms up a bit and try my hand at it one more time… Thanks for the feedback..