Update on LR/Instagram Plugin

Yesterday I provide a couple of tips on the LR/Instagram plugin.  On outstanding topic to be tested was whether you could stage several images in the area “New Photos to be Published” , ensure your settings were set to only publish “1” at a time, and then select one of these images to publish.  A great benefit if someone was working on a “photo a day” project for instance.

Well here is what I discovered.

If you have more than one image in the top area and you highlight the second image, you might expect that the one SELECTED would be the one published…  well.. NOT THE CASE.   Actually, the first image in the row is published.  And then you get a message that all images were not processed because your settings say to only publish one.

So as long as you order the images in the top section with them aligned the way you want them to publish, with the first image in the row for your first post and the second image for your second post, etc., then this will work fine.  You can NOT randomly select an image from the row and select it for publishing.

Hope that is beneficial information!

Happy Publishing.. see ya all on Instagram!

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