Using Lightroom to Instagram Plugin

I’m working to refresh my website and get some more interesting content on it, as well as get more of my own social media feeds hooked up to my site.  I have not been using my Instagram account because I don’t really capture images on my phone; I pretty much use my DSLRs and process via Lightroom and Photoshop.

So when I learned about this plug-in that will allow me to publish my favorite images directly from Lightroom to my Instagram account I was excited to try it.  I had to tackle not only getting the Lightroom to Instagram feed set up, but I also wanted to pull mine and other Instagram feeds back to my website.  This took me some time and several WordPress plugin trials to accomplish.  But lets save the WordPress challenges for another time.  Today I want to share a few points I learned about the LR/Instagram plug-in that I was not able to fined in the FAQ’s or in some of the YouTube videos.  So I will share them here:

I won’t spend time telling you how to download the plug-in or install it in Lightroom, or configure it or publish an image.  There are plenty of videos out on the internet already to get you through those steps.  But here are a couple of tips you might not learn from those videos.


If you are in the Library Module, Grid View, and click on the “Instagram photos” header in the Published Service area, you will see  this view of your LR/Instagram photos in your collection.  The ones on the top are waiting to be published (staging area) and the ones on the bottom have previously been published.


Well… yes and no.   I tried.  I put the three images of the fort in Puerto Rico that you see in my published area into the “New Photos to Publish” area and I highlighted ONLY ONE of them.  I pressed the publish button and all three published.  I then went back to the setting and noticed that I had it set to publish “5” at a time.   Five is the default.  I suspect if I set this to “1” then I can publish only the one selected because it DID PUBLISH MY SELECTED ONE FIRST.   I will have to try it again tomorrow with multiple images to double check this assumption.


You will find some information about the metadata options in the FAQs and videos, but I’ll point them out here.    In your settings you can decide to use the Title, Caption, #Hashtags etc. or build something custom for the data that moves with your image to Instagram.  This is the screen where you set that.  I decided to use the Title, because I submit to Stock and use the Caption for my stock information and some of the same images going to stock might be going to Instagram.  I might decide later to customize this, but right now I’m just using the Title.

You also get a new Metatdata area in Lightroom just for this plugin.  It looks like this and is in the Library Module in the right navigation panel under Metadata.

Hope these couple of tips help you get started.  I highly recommend this plug-in if you use Lightroom and have an Instagram account.  It’s a great way to get your images out to your friends quickly and effortlessly right from your desktop!

Happy Publishing!

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