VIDEO: Winter Waves on Pupukea Beach

I just starting testing out some video options both on my Nikon D750 and a new Go Pro Hero 4.  Video is so different from photography, but sometimes the subject just lends itself better to the action capture of a short video.

Here is a capture on Pupukea Beach in November.  This time of year the waves are generally very good on the north shore.  There was a surfing competition going on just a few miles from this location.

This clip was captured with my D750, on tripod.  I rendered it in the Go Pro Studio application where I increased the exposure a bit and added some contrast and sharpening.   No sound track added… just the video of the waves.  The sound was removed when I rendered from the .mov file over to the .avi and exported the .mp4 format.

Pupukea Beach_6984

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