Vienna – Arriving at the Pier

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 – Arriving in Vienna

After a great day of cruising up the Danube, we reached Vienna.  We pulled into the pier while there was still a bit of light.  Bob and I went for a short walk, but didn’t go into town or try to take in any of the Vienna nightlife.  Tomorrow will be another full day!

Here are a few images of our approach and docking in Vienna.  You can see where we passed under the Danube City Bridge (the cable bridge) and you have a few images of Francis of Assisi Church.  We are docked just past Reichsbrucke.

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Donaustadt Bridge Vienna Austria

Built in 1998, the 343m long cable stayed bridge with a crest-like pylon head has a main span of 186m and was designed with steel girder and orthotropic plate, as well as a 75m high steel A-shaped tower. Launching was selected as the assembly method. The bridge was originally intended to be a replacement bridge for the Prater Bridge which required raising and widening. Long term city planning foresaw however an inclusion of the bridge into the extension of the underground train network. Therefore, the bridge was already statically designed and conceived in the planning phase as a railway bridge.