Village Life on the Amazon

Sunday – April 3, 2011 – Monco Capac and Indiana

Today we also visited a traditional village, one that demonstrated life today on along the Amazon.  We also visited one of the larger villages of Indiana where there was a market and some commercialism.

In Monco Capac, Paul discussed some of the local plants and how they are used for medicinal purposes and we watch a local craftsman build a paddle for one of his boats.  We also walked through the village and visited one of the local family homes. 

The children of Monco Capac had a treat when Paul started to hand out the “trail mix” that Phil had brought along.  It was like the “pied piper” as Paul walked along… more and more children began to follow trying to get a taste of the goodies he was passing out.

Indiana had paved streets, a small medical clinic, a hotel and a market.  This village was atypical and represented life along the Amazon that was a step up from the rural village life where agriculture, animal husbandry and survival are the primary activities.

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