Virtual Cars

Playing with the idea of placing cars into virtual settings, I tried several of the backgrounds.  I selected and placed my husband’s 2016 into various images.  I tried to select backgrounds with an angled perspective, and one that I could shift the angle if needed in Lightroom’s transform module, modify the scale, and easily add some extra foreground if needed.

These images HAVE NOT been painted… nor have I adjusted the lighting, the color balance or any of the adjustments that I would make to actually paint the image.  I’m just testing cars in backgrounds at this point, to see how hard it might be.  I actually did 10 in about 3 hours and it got much faster after I figured out how to adjust the background.  Picking images that didn’t need any cloning was really the key to working quickly.

Here is a quick gallery of 10 test backgrounds.

Civil war canon sitting in the courtyard of Fort Davis military post with barracks in the background

Wide angle view of Mission San Jose in the background with cacti plants in the foreground

Anse La Raye bay on St. Lucia on summer day 

Clusters of bluebonnets along gravel driveway in Texas hill country