Visiting a Host Family in Cusco

Sunday – March 27, 2011 – Visiting a Host Family in Cusco

After our visit to Sacsayhuaman, we separated into smaller groups of 6 and we headed off for the city of Cusco.  Each of our groups were being hosted by a local family for lunch.  This was a great opportunity to meet a Cusco family, see their home, talk to the children and have a wonderful “home cooked meal” Peruvian style.

Our family include Mom, Dad and 5 children.  The oldest, “Pamela” was off on a retreat and didn’t join us for lunch.  The youngest, Rodrigo, was down for his nap.  The other children were wonderfully engaging.. the school age children could speak a little English, and Carson knew a little Spanish…. it was great fun.

After lunch, which included guinea pig by the way, we gathered in the living room and the family received the small gifts that we brought with us for the occasion.  The balloons and bubbles seem to go over well with the little one!  What a magnificent opportunity as part of the tour!

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