Wailua Falls Watercolor

After a week spent updating my Texas Corvette Association website and getting everything built and staged for our April online car show registration, I really needed a brain break!  So the most relaxing thing that one can do after a week of intense WordPress working is PAINT!.  So I jumped into Photoshop last night, grabbed a picture from my trip to Kauai in September and did a quick digital watercolor of the Wailua Falls.


I’ve been to the Wailua Falls a few times in the past, and the water was pearly white.  This day, there must have been a storm further up-stream because the water flowing over the falls was milk chocolate and water was much faster and more forceful than I had remembered it in past visits.  But it made for a great image with the water spray climbing almost as high as the waterfall itself.

This technique was completed with a “Clone Stamp” brush.  A copy of the image is inserted as a pattern in Photoshop and then various clone stamp brushes are used on a blank layer  to reveal the image (which is actually embedded in the brush as a pattern).  The actual image is in a below layer as a reference model.  Adding watercolor paper and texture overlay makes it feel like a real watercolor.